To Go Duct or Not: Factors to Help You Decide

With repair and replacement specialists of heating and air Atlanta has, you only need to hire one company to check on your HVAC system and fix or replace it, depending on their diagnosis. In the event that AC replacement is in order, you could be faced with a dilemma – duct or ductless?

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Service providers of air conditioner replacement Atlanta has can provide you with an answer and professional assistance to go with it. But knowing some additional insight about your cooling unit could be cool.

So when do you go duct or ductless?

Go duct if…

  • Ductwork is already in place in your home

It’s a reasonable option in terms of labor and finances. You just need to schedule air duct cleaning Atlanta GA offers to ensure your cooling unit performs efficiently and lasts a long time.

  • High humidity levels is the norm

If you live in places with humid climates, a ducted air-conditioning system comes highly recommended because of its ability to remove much of the moisture from the air and drain it away. This makes them better in controlling humidity.

  • Aesthetics is a major consideration

Air handlers of a ductless air conditioner are mounted on the wall or ceiling. Ductwork, on the other hand, is hidden behind walls and kept out of sight. If you think air handlers would be an eyesore, you would not think twice of hiring HVAC replacement Atlanta has, even if this means spending more to have a ductless AC exchanged for a ducted cooling unit.

  • Better airflow mattress

Ducted air conditioners circulate air more efficiently as it moves through ducts and cools an entire home. The setup also eliminates concerns of air pressure and stagnant air.

  • Lower maintenance expenses is the goal

With fewer components, a ducted AC is easier to service. Only the single indoor air handler and the outside unit need to be cleaned and maintained when you hire a specialist of heating and air Atlanta offers.

Go ductless if…

  • Walls or ceilings leave no room for ducts

Does the structure of your home allow for ductwork to be added? Are you willing to sacrifice your high ceilings for air conditioning ducts? If the answer is no, ductless is the way to go.

  • Adding ductwork means added expense

If you’re cooling an additional room or other areas of the property that doesn’t have ductwork, it may be financially prudent to use a ductless AC instead. This is because adding ducts could be costly or difficult.

  • Multiple cooling zones are what you’re aiming for

With ductless ACs, each room has separate air handlers that can be controlled independently. This means individual cooling needs will be accommodated.

  • Saving energy is a consideration

With air handlers that are independent of each other, you have the option to lower temperature in one room, while increasing temperature in another. This allows you to adjust cooling levels, helping you save on energy consumption.

  • You want to minimize dust

Ducts can collect dust where air passes through. When air goes out, dust is also introduced into the room. But with the absence of ducts, there is less dust in a space.

Think you have a good idea on which type of AC to choose? Call on a replacement specialist of heating and air Atlanta has.