How professional tree loppers guarantee competitive tree services Perth prices and safety

Wondering if tree services Perth prices are too high?

Considering the kind of safety that professional tree loppers guarantee and the amount of effort that goes into the work, the amount you pay is sure to be worth it.

But just to give you a figure to base your decision on whether to hire a professional tree lopping Perth Hills provider, the average cost of having a tree removed is between $75 and $1,500, depending on the tree’s condition, diameter, height, and location. At a national level, the average cost is $651.

tree services perth prices

Calculation of tree services Perth prices


Many tree lopping companies charge per foot of a tree’s height. Therefore, the higher a tree, the higher the cost. They don’t measure them from the tip to root, but uses a size range guide similar to the one below.

  • Small trees are 30′ tall or less
  • Medium trees may measure between 30′ and 60′
  • Large trees may measure from 60′ to 80′ tall.

Anything else taller is considered very tall.


The thicker the trees are, the more time it will take to cut them down. If the tree cutting services in the area are based on a per-hour price you pay, the diameter will have a direct effect. And, if you want the tree cut into sections, the cost will add up. Check it out at Williams Tree Pro


In case a tree is in a dangerous condition, an arborist must inspect it, which will add to the overall cost. But, without an expert opinion and advice, tree lopping could go the wrong way. Better to pay extra to stay safe rather than scrimp and end up paying more due to property damage or bodily injury.


If a tree is standing too close to any structure and power lines, the price will be affected by 25 to 50%. And, things can get even more complicated if it’s surrounded by other trees you want to keep.

Now that you know what goes into tree services Perth prices, you should not hesitate to hire professional tree lopping services. Doing so may seem an added expense, but it will work to your advantage.

Why hire a tree removal company in Perth?

  • They have the necessary skills and professional experience.

With years of experience and training, they know exactly what needs to be done to complete the job without causing injury or property damage. Safety should be a priority.

  • They are equipped with the essential equipment.

There’s more to tree removal than just using a chainsaw. Depending on the tree to be cut and other factors, a lopper would also need a ladder, strong rope, hard hat, safety gear, and the like.

Imagine if you were to take the DIY route. You’ll need to buy all these tools which are likely to cost you more than if you were to hire professionals.

  • They are fully insured.

And if they’re not, find someone else to hire. It’s important for a service provider to carry the appropriate insurance to protect you and themselves from liabilities and claims that may arise from the services rendered.

Hire a reliable tree removal company

Cheap tree removal Perth homeowners recommend is not hard to find. But make sure to choose one that has the skills, experience, and training to complete the project efficiently and safely.