Gutter Protection Critical For Roof and Building Longevity

Many home owners have continuously been searching  for the best method to clean and maintain their house roofs for effective rain water conveyance and even water harvesting. New and innovative gutter protectors have been developed to rid people of this nightmare. The protectors work by preventing entry of leaves, dust and debris into the water channel so that they remain clean and dirt free.

Gutter Protectors

Causes of gutter degradation

Unprotected gutters undergo rapid degradation due to various factors. Rusting is the process of metal oxidation that leads to degradation loss of the material. It occurs in the presence of oxygen, water and metal.  Debris in the roof drain obstructs free flow of water so that the moist leaves and dirt cause rapid oxidation and degradation. An unprotected gutter has high cleaning requirements such as every two to three months, which can be quite costly to the homeowner. To avoid these problems you should always have gutter protectors installed on your roof and your life will be much more comfortable.

Types of Gutter Protection

With increasing research, various types of gutter protectors have been developed. These include the mesh protectors, reverse curve systems, the bottlebrush types, nylon based protectors and the foam type. Research has shown that the mesh gutter protector is the most efficient and widely used.

Gutter Covers versus Screens

The covers completely fit into the gutter thus blocking the entry of foreign matter into the water channel. Thus, they may change the appearance of the house. Various materials can be used such as copper, aluminium, zinc, or plastic. Screens are the most effective as they sieve out the debris and allow normal water flow. Suspended material can then be flushed out at determined intervals.

Effectiveness of Gutter protection system

The effectiveness of a protection system is determined by the ability to prevent as much debris as possible from entering the roof drainage system. Most products are good at protection from the large sized particles and leaves, but it is the tiny pods, dust, pollen and seeds that cause most damage on your roof.

Advantages of Protection

  • They can be installed on to already existing gutter.
  • Birds and rodents will never build shelters on the roof.
  • Frequent cleaning is eliminated due to reduced accumulation of dirt.
  • Stagnant water accumulation is eliminated which can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and algae.
  • Better and cleaner rainwater harvesting is achieved when gutter protection is used.

Safety Concerns

In tall buildings of more than one floor, safety is a serious concern during cleaning. Unless the drains have protection installed, cleaning will always be a costly and risky process.

Choosing the Best Gutter Protection

The most important thing to look for is a system that prevents as much debris from entry as possible, while still allowing smooth water flow. The aperture mesh cover is the most effective due to the fine mash used that also allows smooth water flow.

Gutter – mesh is an excellent gutter protection company in Australia that offers great and long lasting products for your roof. The company also offers professional gutter cleaning service and ensures your roof remains in the best condition always.